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Born in an Electrical Storm

Do What You Want

Dizzy Miss Lizzy
24 November 1987
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1964... the tribute, a hard day's night, abbey road, acting, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, andy warhol, anime, anne rice, art, back to the future, beatles, beatles for sale, beatleslash, beethoven, benny and joon, burton/depp, captain jack sparrow, cartoons, chocolat, chocolate, chuck taylors, comedy, computers, csi, danny elfman, david bowie, depp/burton, dhani harrison, don juan de marco, dorian gray, drawing, edward scissorhands, england, eyeliner, faeries, family guy, fan fiction, fox trot, george harrison, glasses, hare krishna, harry potter, harvest moon, help!, history, hollywood, homestar runner, hugs, iharthdarth, imagine, insanity, internet, ireland, italy, james bond, jim henson, john entwistle, john lennon, john/paul, johnny depp, julian lennon, kansas, keith moon, kurt cobain, lawn gnomes, lennon/mccartney, lestat, let it be, live 8, lord of the rings, love, magical mystery tour, mark benson, monty python, moose, moulin rouge, movies, mozart, music, mystery science theater 3000, nintendo, oscar wilde, painting, paul mccartney, peace, pete townshend, phantom of the opera, piano, pink floyd, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, please please me, queen, rain, randomness, red dwarf, red hair, revolver, ringo starr, robin hood, rock, rock 'n' roll, role-playing, rolling stone magazine, rubber soul, salvador dali, scarves, slash, sleepy hollow, stalking fictional characters, star wars, stephen king, stuart townsend, the 60's, the 70's, the beach boys, the beatles, the breakfast marauder, the daily show, the doors, the ocean, the princess bride, the rolling stones, the sims, the vampire chronicles, the white album, the who, theatre, tim burton, vampires, video games, wayne's world, whats eating gilbert grape, wicca, wings, with the beatles, writing, yellow submarine